Strawberry Season!

There are so many reasons to enjoy locally grown food in the Haliburton Highlands,
especially this time of year! Now is the time to take advantage of fresh berries,
especially fresh strawberries! That’s right, strawberry season has arrived at the
Haliburton Farmers’ Market and we will be celebrating this wonderful, luscious and
versatile fruit this coming Friday, June 29th. This week’s theme will be:
Sweet on You – Berries, Honey, Maple Syrup & Other Goodies“.
That includes strawberries, of course!

Take advantage of fresh, locally grown strawberries while they are available! Generally, the season stretches from mid-June to mid-July, but other ever-bearing fruit will be available from our vendors at the market throughout the summer and even into early fall. For Strawberry information and recipes, please visit our “Weekly Events” page.

For more information, please call our Market Manager, Elaine Repath at: 705-457-0991
We’ll look forward to seeing you at the market.
– Thank you!


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