2013 Haliburton County Farmers’ Market Vendor Application

The Haliburton County Farmers’ Market is seeking vendors and new products/services that fit in the market’s model.

We’re seeking vendors who provide local fruits and vegetables, meat, as well as produce from home gardeners too!

The market is a one-stop shopping experience offering quality local & regional foods, other agricultural products, as well work from a few local Haliburton artisans offering one-of-a-kind items.

Haliburton County Farmers' Market Vendors – Market Vendor Application

Market Rules & Regulations

Interested in becoming a vendor at the Haliburton County Farmers’ Market? Please review the Market Rules, then download and submit a Vendor Application from links provided.

Completed and signed vendor applications are due by March 15th, 2013

Please mail to: Elaine Repath, Market Manager, 2344 Duck Lake Rd., Minden, ON K0M 2K0

Questions?! Please contact:

Angel Taylor: 705-286-4877  ~(or)~ Elaine Repath, Market Manager: 705.457.0991

Email: incredibleHCFMA [at] gmail [dot] com


Mad For Mushrooms

This week at the Haliburton County Farmers’ Market, we’ll be Focusing on Mushrooms!

We’re in for an exciting market for this weeks August 10th market!
Not only do we have a mushroom vendor to introduce, Waymac Farms of Lakefield Ontario,.. ***An Update for everyone – Unfortunately our Mushroom vendor could not make it for today’s market. For this weeks ‘focus on mushrooms’ we’re happy to have a representative from the Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve visiting. They will be offering information on how to grow your own shiitake mushrooms!

***An Update for everyone – Unfortunately our Mushroom vendor could not make it for today’s market.

Incidently, shiitake mushrooms have been cultivated in both Japan and China for more than 2,000 years.
When fresh, the shiitake offers a rich buttery, and even meaty flavour. When dried, the shiitake offers a smoky rich flavour. The texture not only tastes different from other mushrooms but it also contains a lower water content which accounts for the dense quality and concentrated aroma and flavour. Dried shiitakes are not only affordable but a great addition to many varied recipes. Shiitakes are an obvious choice for Asian cuisine or stir-fries.

More About Mushrooms
Hobby Farms link to: Mushroom Farming
Farmers Market Online: How to grow mushrooms
Cooking @ Love To Know: Types of edible mushrooms
Mushrooms.ca (PDF) – Mushroom production in Canada

Be sure to join us tomorrow at the Haliburton County Farmers’ Market, especially if you’re mad for mushrooms like we are!